Liquid anal leakage


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Watery Anal Fluid - Anal/Rectal Conditions - Condition
Liquid anal leakage
Water leaking from anus or rectal discharge is a condition that is specified as the release of any kind of discharge in the rectum that is neither blood nor stool. These discharges occur for numerous factors and in some cases are symptoms of underlying medical conditions like those that involve the large intestinal tracts and other parts of the digestive system.
Leakage Liquid anal
Liquid Discharge from Anus - Digestive Disorders / Gastroenterology - MedHelp
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For almost the past year I have experienced watery fluid leakage from my bottom. It is colourless and causes irritation and itching.
Leakage Liquid anal
Leaky Anus (Anal Leakage) Causes, Symptoms, Treatment
Leakage Liquid anal
We never expect stool or urine to be expelled unless we want to purposely evacuate it.
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If you are dealing with the problem of leaking anus, then you need to ask this question.
Liquid anal leakage
Accidental bowel leakage is loss of normal control of your bowels. It also is called fecal incontinence.
Liquid anal leakage
If Your Anus Is Leaking, Look for These Causes
Liquid anal leakage
Water Leaking from Anus
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