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Nanotechnology - 1

Big future from a small world

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Nanotechnology: big future from a small world.Nanotechnology is novel promising science -for good or for evil- because the debate of its benefits haven't yet reached an end. This page is a collection of EBooks and reports on nanotechnology applications, and how this technology works. Be among the first to document yourself on this rising field of nanoscience and nanomaterials; its chemistry and physics.

Approaches to Safe Nanotechnology: Managing the Health and Safety Concerns Associated with Engineered Nanomaterials

Studies have shown that nanoparticles have adverse lung effects."The potential for nanomaterials to enter the body is among several factors that scientists examine in determining whether such materials may pose an occupational health hazard. Nanomaterials have the greatest potential to enter the body through the respiratory system if they are airborne and in the form of respirable-sized particles (nanoparticles). They may also come into contact with the skin or be ingested."

Nanomedicine: Nanotechnology for Health

In the future, healthcare will start before the onset of symptoms."This document describes the potential of nanomedicine to address clinical needs in significant diseases. It identifies those diseases that cause the most suffering for patients and the highest burden on society, and for which nanomedicine is expected to have a major impact. It describes where in the care-process and by which technology nanomedicine could have an impact. Finally it develops a Strategic Research Agenda, prioritising the most important technologies, which Europe has to develop in the near future, to realise the potential of nanomedicine for health care."

Nanotechnology: Innovation opportunities for tomorrow's defense

In the future, healthcare will start before the onset of symptoms."Nanosciences and nanotechnologies open up new avenues of research and lead to new, useful, and sometimes unexpected applications. Novel materials and new-engineered surfaces allow making products that perform better. New medical treatments are emerging for fatal diseases, such as brain tumours and Alzheimer's disease. Computers are built with nanoscale components and improving their performance depends upon shrinking these dimensions yet further."

Societal Implications of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology

As soon as the onset of a disease is suspected, the patient enters into a care process."The study of nanoscale systems promises to lead to fundamentally new advances in science and engineering and in our understanding of biological, environmental, and planetary systems. It also will redirect our scientific approach toward more generic and interdisciplinary research. Nanoscience is at the unexplored frontiers of science and engineering, and it offers one of the most exciting opportunities for innovation in technology."

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