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The Three Hidden Secrets of Credit Cards

Every credit card has three hidden secrets.Every credit card has three hidden secrets. Its not coincidence that all credit cards have the same shape and outline. But this in only one of the secrets. What are the other two?

The Devilish Book of Sand

infographic the devilish Book of Sand header.Some fiction science stories are really weird. Imagine having in your hands a strange book with and infinite number of pages.

An Experiment in Infinity

Infographic an experiment in infinity.Imagine having an infinite string of random digits. Can we say that the digits of the square root of 2 must be somewhere present in that string?

The Mathematics of Cubism

Infographic the mathematics of cubism.Certain artistic movements have been influenced by mathematical schools of thought like the fourth dimension and the theory of relativity.

What Games Can You Play in Flatland?

Infographic what games can you play in Flatland.Certain activities of our everyday life can be carried only in the dimensions we live in. What games can we play in Flatland?

What? I Cannot Double the Cube?

Infographic what, I can't double a cube?Not every imaginable construction is mathematically possible. We cannot make a cube that is twice the volume as another given cube.

Cardinality and the Power Set

Infographic cardinality and the power set.Power set is a strong concept in set theory. From power sets we arrive at the concept of the infinite. However, the power set idea leads to several kinds of bizarre infinites.

A Strange Property of the Right Triangle

Infographic a strange property of the right triangle.We know that in a square triangle the square over the hypotenuse has the same area as the sum of the other two squares. However,  this is true for any similar figures we draw on those sides.

Infinite Weird Schemas for Pi

Infographic infinite weird schemas for Pi.The number Pi (3.1415...) can be computed in several ways. See some on the strangest formulas for it.

The Evolution of the Complex Numbers

Infographic the evolution of the complex numbers.Complex numbers are very useful and essential in modern engineering. Why are they called "complex"?

Two Wonderful Infinite Series

Infographic two wonderful infinite series.Some infinite series converge to a specific number while other series diverge toward infinity. A small variation in their elements can make a lot of difference.

The Unimaginable $0.99 Price

Infographic the unimaginable 99 cents price.Tagging articles and goods with a $0.99 price is very common. But if you toss the 99 coins into the air, what is the probability that all of them  fall same side up?

The Myth of Zeros and Ones in Computers

Infographic the myth of zeros and ones in computers.People think of computers as storing information with zeros and ones (0 and 1). Nowhere in any computer are zeros or ones stored.

Every Number (No Matter How Big It Is) Is Infinitely Small

Infographic every number is infinitely small.Having hard times trying to figure out the largest number? Then try to figure out the smallest fraction.

Colorful One-to-One (1-1) Mappings

Infographic colorful one-one (1-1) mappings.A mathematical transformation is taking a curve or surface and submit it to deformations. Curious figures arise when colors are involved.

What is Soh Cah Toa?

Infographic What is soh cah toa.Having problem remembering the trigonometric relations of the right triangle? Then follow the advice of old Chief Soh Cah Toa.