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Flash Pages and Educational Animations

How GPS Works

Flash animation: How GPS works.The GPS system is a true marvel of our science. Imagine that you can see in a handheld device such as a smartphone or in-dash LED display the exact place where you are no matter the spot on the whole planet. See in this tutorial how this marvel works.

Rocket Pioneers

Flash animation: rocket pioneers.Do you love science fiction? Do you know who were the first scientists and engineers who laid the foundations for modern rocketry that has made possible all the satellites and travels to the Moon and other planets? And what do you know about the early movies that depicted the first spaceflights?

Electromagnetic Spectrum Tutorial

Flash animation: Electromagnetic spectrum tutorial.Everything around us is made of waves. But of particular interest is what is called the electromagnetic spectrum; that range of energy transmission that is "near" our visible world.

Where is Polaris?

Flash animation: Where is Polaris?Polaris is an interesting star because it appears to stand still while the rest of the stars move around it. This star has played an important role for early navigators and traders.

The Science of the Silicon Solar Cell

Flash animation: The science of the silicon solar cell.In order to understand how silicon solar cells can generate electricity, we must go to the fundamentals of how electrons revolve around their nucleus, and how extremely important is to understand what happens when electrons jump from one orbit to another.

Geothermal Power Generation

Flash animation: Geothermal power generation.How is Earth's internal heat converted into electricity?

Change Your Ways and Become an Energy Star!

Flash animation: change your ways and become an energy Star.Many electrical appliance consume energy even if they are turned off. Those are the energy vampires! What can you do about it?

Fuel Cells. How Do Fuel Cells Work?

Flash animation: How do fuel cells work?How can hydrogen generate electricity? Why fuel cell are not like ordinary batteries?

Energy Resources

Flash animation: Energy resources.How many energy sources can you mention? Solar energy, natural gas, coal energy, .. and what else?

Electrical Safety World

Flash animation: Electrical safety world.How many electrical risks can you spot around you? Electricity surrounds us everywhere, so everywhere are electrical dangers!

Natural Gas Safety World

Flash animation: Natural gas safety world.Natural gas is among the cleanest energy sources, but it is a risky source!