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How to make infographics with your word processor: A step-by-step guide 2015 ed.

The Story of Euclid

The Origins of The Theory of the Hollow Earth

The curious infinite of Jorge Luis Borges

The vengeance of Galileo

The subterranean world of Edmund Halley

The fourth dimension as seen from Flatland

Bernard Fontenelle's obsession with life on the Moon

About how A. T. Schofield found the fourth dimension in the Bible

The strange extraterrestrial worlds of Camille Flammarion

The coordinates of the fourth dimension

What do you know about the hollow Earth and the hollow Moon?

What do you know about the fear of comets

Three unexpected behaviors of the infinite 

What do you know about the paradox of the Great Silence

What do you know about the pyramid inside the Moon?

What do you know about the first burial on the Moon

What do you know about the Moon Trees?

What are conformal mappings?

Where does infinity begin?

Is it really possible to generate a plane by moving a straight line perpendicular to itself?

The Eddington’s number: a case of scientific arrogance?

One million random digits

Some myths about the infinite

Some myths about the infinite, part 2

The Book of Sand of Borges and the Continuum of Cantor

Historical quotations about prime numbers

How to use the transcomplex numbers calculator

A short history of the Cartesian coordinates

Can there be different fourth dimensions?

Quaternions and transcomplex numbers

The imaginary numbers are not so imaginary and the complex numbers are not so complex

What are EBooks?