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From Infographics …
This is an infographic about the weigh unit of the metric system.
Simple infographics.

If we have the appropriate "tools", is it possible to gradually approach the infinite? Can we get nearer and nearer, and at some moment touch the infinite? Without theological considerations, of course, because here we are talking about the mathematical infinite, not the theological infinite attributed to some celestial beings. 

The infinite is a tricky and deceiving concept. And add to this that mathematicicans say that there is an infinitude of infinities. 

The infographics section has over 30 infographics in the are of history of science, mathematical oddities, and educational materials.

From Selected EBooks Catalog …
Physics for Entertainment.
Physics for Entertainment.

Browse the Catalog of available EBooks and download the ones you like. Some EBooks are free and other are at very low price. In its current state the Catalog is being redesigned; for this reason right now you will only see a small portion of the available books. However, our collection of EBooks is unique: each book is typeset with the best typesetting software for crisp graphics and easy reading.

Browse for Ebooks in novel mathematics, physics for the layman, solar energy, and even classics like Alice in Wonderland.

From Articles …
Cover page of the Kindle Book: Surprising Stories From The History Of Science: Bizarre accounts on how science is made.
History of science.

Although Shoemaker is also credited for the co-discovery with his wife astronomer Carolyn Shoemaker (1953-) and astronomer David Levy of the comet Shoemaker-Levy 9, there is another aspect of his life that I consider more transcendental than his discovery a comet.

Eugene Shoemaker is also the first and only human whose ashes have been taken to the Moon. 

It was an act of love from Carolyn, possibly a unique act like no other in the history of mankind. Carolyn convinced NASA that part of Shoemaker's remains should be sent to the Moon, toghether with an inscription from a poem of Shakespeare.

From Inventions …
Invention Promotion Firms.

"Some invention promotion firms may claim to know or have special access to manufacturers who are likely to be interested in licensing your invention. In addition, some firms may claim to represent manufacturers on the look-out for new product ideas. Ask for proof, such as contacts at manufacturers, before you sign a contract with any invention promotion firm that claims special relationships with manufacturers. If the promoter provides only one or two names, be careful: The contacts may be 'shills' — people hired to give favorable testimonials".

Here you can find good and authoritative advice from the Federal Government Patent Office.

From Solar Energy …
Hydrogen is a non toxic gas with a high mass energy density, and is one of the most abundant elements in the biosphere.
Solar energy.

Some facts are in order to understand why hydrogen is so important as a source of energy:
Hydrogen is a high mass energy density non toxic gas. Hydrogen is one of the most abundant elements in the biosphere. It can be easily produced from water, biomass, biogas, natural gas or from any other fossil fuel. 

However, making solar cell panels uses a lot of contaminants; so how much cleaner is solar energy?

From Money …
The $1 legal tender note was issued by the United States during the Civil War.

Pyramids, eagles, goddesses, and frogs —even Santa Claus. These are just a few of the images that have appeared on American currency over the past three centuries. The pyramid is composed of 13 rows of building blocks, on the first of which are the Roman numerals representing 1776. The Latin inscription Novus Ordo Seclorum translates to 'A New Order of the Ages.' Some of these symbols are no longer used, but many of them can still be found on present-day U.S. notes and coins. 

This section has many EBooks and brochures from The Government Printing Office with recent advice about the new U.S. currency.

From 3D Printing …
3D-printing is a cutting-edge technology.
3D printing.

Any tridimensional object can be sliced into several thin slices such that when they are put together again they make the original body. This is exactly what the 3D-printing technology does. Then, almost everything that surrounds us can can also be duplicated with a 3D-printer. And of course, all models come-out in true tri-dimensions, so we need no 3D-glasses to view them!

Some sources claim that 3D-printing is an industrial revolution in itself like the printing press and the steam engines was. Manufacturing will be revolutionized in an unimaginable way.

From Credit Cards …
Credit cards. Your rights: a consumer guide.
Credit cards.

The big jump of credit cards is that contrary to paper money, credit cards can be used to buy products no matter the distance of the supplier, no matter the hour of day/night, no matter the transaction language, no matter the gender or age. 

But credit cards are subject  of many frauds, alterations, defacings,  stealings, etc. Credit cards are like the golden pebbles of the past Wilds West.

However, even when everything goes OK with credit cards, its the cardholder that misuses them.

Are credit cards the solution to the risk of carring money? Why is each day more and more credit cards numbers, passwords and IDs are stole? Is there a better and less risky solution in the future?

From Nanotechnology …
Metamaterials are an arrangement of artificial structural elements, designed to achieve unusual properties.

Metamaterials are often associated with negative refraction and this property has gained substantial attention because of its potential for cloaking invisibility devices and microscopy with super-resolution. The potential of nanotechnology and material science to realise designs at a very small scale offers a very promising alternative.

But no matter the bright future of metamarials, nanotechnology is a risky science and the civilian is unaware of its potential dangers.

From Distance Learning …
Distance learning is available to all of us.
Distance learning.

Are you dreaming of going to college, or are you in need of finishing a career you began years ago? Do you need to go a step further in your education and want a higher degree above the one you already have? Any decision you take now must be weighted against the time you will need to complete that goal, and the costs of reaching that goals.

Distance learning has other names for it. You can call it e-Learning, or On-Line learning. But no matter the name Distance Learning is not new: in fact, this mode of aquaring a new skill or a new degree predates the origin of the Internet.